2019 Art Grant Applications OPEN

Thank you for your interest in the Bass Coast Art Grant program 2019. 

Open: Nov 1st, 2018

Close: Feb 1st, 2019

Over $20000 of financial support available


Bass Coast Festival is an immersive, artistic experience. Since the programs inception in 2012 we have invited artists to exhibit at our event through our Art Grant program giving out over $120000 in grants. The art exhibit expands over the entire site creating a cohesive artistic experience for attendees. Our goal is to enhance our festival with compelling environments created with the support of the Art Grant funding. We support and showcase visual artists, from virtuosos to those just beginning their professional careers. Please thoroughly read the application before submitting and make sure your art meets the criteria we’re looking for.

We’re seeking the following:

  1. Three dimensional art that has strong evocative qualities
  2. Designs that are interactive with the viewer
  3. Installations that initiate profound conversation
  4. All successful applicants must:
    • create unique and innovative concepts.
    • incorporates natural elements and/or repurposed materials.
    • include interesting lighting design.
    • build structurally sound designs, built to the BC code.
    • use weather resistant materials.
    • carry liability insurance for inherently risky or overhead structures

Art may be pre-existing or in the design phase when submitting your application.

Important Info:

  • Art Grant Applications run from Nov 1st, 2018 - Feb 1, 2019 (submissions will not be reviewed until Feb 1, 2019).
  • All applicants will be contacted by March 1, 2019
  • Radius Clause: Installations that receive a financial grant of over $1000 will be asked to sign a radius clause and cannot present the same project at festivals within 500km before the Bass Coast exhibition.
  • Art Installation Crews are expected to ensure that their installations remains safe and functioning well throughout the entirety of the festival. Bass Coast Festival is not liable for any damaged art installations.
  • Please read this info package before completing the application.


  • No pop up tents, if you use a tent it must be disguised 
  • No rental fencing
  • No tarps, unless disguised
  • Installations that do not match the description provided in the application or offer may have their grant revoked and be asked to remove the structure from the festival grounds.



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