6 Tips For A More Sustainable Bass Coast

Sustainability is a driving value for Bass Coast and we are committed to diverting as much material from landfill as possible. To support our vision for a low-impact festival, we have some new initiatives in place this year to complement our existing ones.

Read the six tips below for simple ways to make your Bass Coast experience more sustainable. 

1) Drop off your sorted waste/recycling and be in to win!

Keen to win a Bass Coast GA ticket for 2024? Bring us your sorted waste and recycling during the festival! At 3-5pm on Friday through Sunday, you can drop off your sorted materials at your campsite recycling depot (these are marked by the symbols on the site map) and your name will be entered into a draw to win a ticket for next year.

We will also have a roaming yellow truck collecting waste in outer campgrounds C & A, for those of you who are located far from the depots -  look out for the yellow truck and give them your sorted materials to enter the draw. 


2) Separate your garbage into black bags, and your clean recycling and returnables into clear bags. 

Bring black and clear bags to Bass Coast to help you separate your materials properly (garbage into back bags, clean recycling and returnables into clear). This is an important step as it helps the Green Team identify potential contamination. Run out of bags? The Green Team can provide you with extras, just pop by the Eco Hub or ask a volunteer in a green shirt. If you can’t clean a soiled recyclable/returnable item, please put it into the garbage to avoid contamination. 

Below is an overview of what goes in each collection stream, and you can find a complete list of what’s accepted on the Leave No Trace section of our website

  • Returnables: All beverage containers and their lids, including: cans, plastic bottles, and Gable Top cartons.
  • Recyclables: Clean plastic containers, tin cans, aerosols, and unsoiled paper and cardboard. 
  • Garbage: Chip bags and candy wrappers, styrofoam, and any uncleanable recyclables.

 3) Use the compost bins.

We are excited to be reintroducing a compost collection this year, with the help of Friendly Composting. Look out for the green Friendly compost bins around the food court area and by the bars, and make sure to put all your food waste and service ware (cups, plates, cutlet, etc) in them. All of the service ware provided by our vendors and at our bars is compostable - just be sure to empty your cups of any ice before you throw them out. We encourage you to go the extra mile and drop off any food waste from your campsite at the food court bins too! 

4) Drop off specialist recycling at the Eco Hub.

There are certain items that can’t go into the main recycling stream, but can still be collected for recycling. You can drop off the below items to the Eco Hub (located in the food vending area):

  • Cigarette butts (these can be disposed off in the butt bin at the Eco Hub, or into the white butt bins around the festival grounds)
  • Clean soft plastics (plastic bags and wrap)
  • Used batteries
  • Electronic waste
  • Empty propane tanks
  • Untreated wood

Nitrous canisters are not allowed onsite, however if you find any sneaky ones around the festival grounds please bring them to the Eco Hub or Harm Reduction for recycling.

5) Ask the Green Team for help.

If you’re unsure how to dispose of something, if you noticed an overflowing bin in the festival grounds, or if you want to give us a hand picking up MOOP - look for a member of the Green Team! You can find volunteers at the Eco Hub between 8am-8pm, or keep an eye out for the green t-shirts around the festival grounds. If you’re passionate about sustainability and want to support the cause, considering applying to volunteer with the Green Team - we’d love to have you onboard!

6) Leave no trace.

Leave the Bass Coast site as you found it by respecting the river and keeping your campsite clean. The Coldwater River that runs through the Bass Coast site is a natural salmon spawning site that is incredibly sensitive to human intervention. Please don’t use any soap or wear any sunblock into the water, even biodegradable ones, as they are harmful to the natural environment. Use the showers at Campground B if you need to wash, and dispose of your dishwater a minimum of 200 feet away from the River’s edge, so that chemicals don’t leach in.

Please also respect the River’s natural architecture and refrain from building rock beds or sculptures - these will disrupt fish and have to be dismantled by our volunteers. Make sure to check for any MOOP (matter out of place) when you pack up and leave your campsite as sparkling clean as you found it!

Do you want to get more involved? The Green Team is looking for volunteers. Apply Here. 

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