An important note from Bass Coast on ticket resale

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Aside from add-ons like early entry, tent & cabin accommodation, drink tickets and merch packages, Bass Coast Festival 2017 is SOLD OUT. 
Reselling tickets above face value is legal, however, we ask that you refrain from purchasing tickets from third-party vendors at inflated prices.
In previous years, we've noticed an abundance of tickets for sale at face value in the month leading up to the event. If you're looking for tickets, please join our community group on facebook and connect with other festival attendees there. If you're buying a ticket from someone you don't know, please ensure it's legit with the Ticket Transfer feature offered by our ticketing company.
If you encounter someone selling a ticket on craigslist or Kijiji for an inflated price above 10% face value, please report the post, as scalping violates the terms of use on those sites. 
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