Bass Coast Festival is excited to contribute to Oregon Eclipse

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We're excited to collaborate with prestigious festivals from around the world on Oregon Eclipse, August 17-23, 2017. Each festival collaborator is contributing to the event in their own special way. Bass Coast Festival is helping curate the musical lineup on the Moon Stage. We encourage you to discover the unique audio aesthetic that runs deep in British Columbia. 

The Librarian (Bass Coast) and Danny Corn (Symbiosis Gathering) hand selected bass music acts that represent the deeper side of Bass Coast and Symbiosis along with some acts from other festival partners at Oregon Eclipse. The internationally acclaimed artists programmed on the Moon Stage are dance floor driven and committed to the low end.  The line up includes Om Unit, the Deep Medi Showcase, Machinedrum, EPROM, Clozee, Gaslamp Killer, Mat the Alien, Barisone, PRSN, Self Evident, Tank Gyal & Mandai, and many more. 

If you have questions related to the production of Oregon Eclipse, please visit

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