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Bass Coast Festival 2022 is just over a month away. Our crews are hard at work and we’re excited to host you in our home of Merritt. But we want you to know that things are going to look a little different in 2022 than in previous years. 

In November 2021, Southwestern British Columbia experienced devastating and deadly floods. The City of Merritt was hit hard. 900 residents were forced from their homes. A swath of the festival site, which the Coldwater River runs through, was underwater. Buildings and structures were damaged. Riverbanks eroded. Sand and silt deposited in new places.

That was eight months ago. Rest assured, our home is still beautiful with hoodoos standing tall in the sun. The river is fresh and flowing and there are new beaches to discover. We want to thank the landowners who have been working non stop to even out the ground, rebuild roads, and remove the debris left by the flood.

The site map for Bass Coast 2022

Click here to view a larger version of the map. 

As you can see by the map, some of the camping areas we like to use are unavailable to us this year. But, that’s created a new opportunity for us to introduce more reserved camping options in a beautiful new camping area called Ventura.  

Stay tuned for more information about Ventura and reserved camping coming soon!

If you are wondering how to support the people of Merritt impacted by the 2021 floods, consider donating to the local Rotary Club. Buy your groceries and camping supplies in Merritt or stop by one of the many local cafes and restaurants before or after the festival.

Plus, consider visiting Merritt throughout the year. There’s so much to discover, from mountain biking trails  to bountiful farmers’ markets and the friendly, welcoming community you know and love. 

Thank you for continuing to support Merritt, Bass Coast's home.

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