El Papachango

Diego Novoa aka El Papachango has been playing the festival for around 7 years and he is one of Bass Coasts favourite people. Blending the sounds of South America with West Coast Bass music is his speciality, and it has earned him a dedicated following on the West Coast and beyond. Diego took some time to put together a fantastic mix and also answered a few questions for us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
1. We know you tend to play music from a lot of international artists in your sets, can you tell us where some of those artists are from?
I play music from different artist from Latin America, Central America, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Brazil, México, Puerto Rico, also Spain, Sweden, US and UK. Alway trying to keep fresh with bass, dance,  & world beats. 
2. You have been playing in Canada for a long time now, what was your first Canadian festival and can you tell us a bit about that experience?
My first Canadian festival was Shambhala. I have being palying it for at least 10 years and it's still one of my favourite festivals. Back when I started playing at Shambs 10 years ago, nobody palyed latin beats like cumbia, spanish hip hop, & dancehall at the festival, so it was definitely a unique style for me. My selection these days has evolved to a bigger spectrum of world sound because there is a lot of talented world sound producers out there.
3. Who makes your favourite tequila?
Fortaleza Reposado or Blanco made in Mexico.  
Check out El Papachango's 2018 Official Bass Coast Mix.

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