The Bass Coast Mutiny Tour returns with The Librarian, Ivy Lab, dBridge & more

The Mutiny Tour is back and we're bringing Bass Coast Festival vibes to a venue near you. We're giving away 2 tickets to the sold out summer festival at each stop on the tour. Arrive early to enter the draw.


March 24 – Victoria w/ The Librarian + guests

March 25 – Vancouver w/ Shades, Ivy Lab + guests

April 14 – Edmonton w/ The Librarian, Michael Red + guests

April 15 – Calgary w/ The Librarian, dBridge + guests

May 6 – Nelson w/ Sabota, Lorne B + Naasko

May 18 – Denver w/ The Librarian + guests

May 19 - Seattle w/ The Librarian + guests

A mutinous spirit manifests itself in the uniqueness of the people in the Bass Coast community. Intelligent dissent represents a mutiny against the status quo. Take heed: When we gather, a force is unleashed, in which the seeds of a bright future grow.

MUTINY: Organize / Awaken / Unite / Create


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