Art Grant Information Package

Bass Coast Festival is an immersive, artistic experience. Each year we invite artists to contribute to our event through our Art Grant program. Our goal is to enhance our festival and support and showcase visual artists, from virtuosos to those just beginning their professional careers. Please thoroughly read the application before submitting and make sure your art meets the criteria we’re looking for.

We’re seeking the following:

  1. Three-dimensional art with strong, evocative qualities such as innovative light, sound and interactive technology
  2. Installations that transform the viewer's perception of space or initiate profound conversation
  3. Art that:
    • has unique and innovative concepts
    • incorporates natural elements and/or repurposed materials
    • includes interesting lighting design
    • has structurally sound design and is built to code
    • is made from weather resistant materials
    • has interactive elements

Art may be pre-existing or in the design phase.

  • Radius Clause: Installations that receive a financial grant will be required to sign a radius clause and artists cannot present the same project at festivals within a certain time and geographical distance to Bass Coast Festival.
  • Art Installations are required to be set up no later than 11:59 PM on Thursday, July 6. Art Installation Crews can enter site on Wednesday July 5 (and special requests can be made for entry earlier than July 5th). Art Installations must be completely removed from the festival site no later than 5 PM, July 10.
  • Art installation crews are expected to ensure that their installations remains safe and fully functioning throughout the entirety of the festival.
  • Bass Coast is not liable for any damage done to art installations.
  • All art installations must carry public liability insurance.



Bass Coast Festival is a 19 plus event and photo ID is required to enter the festival site. This includes all presenters. No animals are permitted on-site before, during or after the event.


Prepare for all weather. We may experience extreme heat, torrential rain, severe thunderstorms and high winds. It is your responsibility to make sure your art is prepared for the elements. The art exhibit areas are open & opulent playscapes. As such, we don't allow pop-up tents or unsightly tarps to be hung above art installations. Make sure your art is able to survive the elements without any clunky or plain looking weatherproofing interrupting the atmosphere. Be creative.


If your art is going to be hung in the air or shackled to the ground, please make sure it is SECURE. If your art is airborne, you may require a rigger on your team. If it is in the ground and could be a hazard by falling over or getting caught in the wind, get rebar stakes. If you have any safety concerns during setup, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you. We reserve the right to remove or take down without notice any art that is a safety concern.


Vehicles used for installation may enter the forest area where the Art Grants will be installed for drop off and pick up purposes only. The forest is a small space and cannot accommodate excess vehicles for extended periods of time. Vehicles will not be able to enter the forest after Thursday, July 6 at noon.


Art Grant presenters can camp in General Admission camping in Campground B or Campground C (Campground C opens on Friday July 7) or Art Grant Camping (located on the festival side of the river). Please note we do not allow crew to camp beside their installations. Art Grant Camping is no more than a 5-minute walk away from your installation.


You are responsible for providing your own lighting for your installation at night. You are responsible for the setup, tear down and upkeep of your installation throughout the festival. We will not be providing you with any tools, lifts, ladders, equipment or hardware.


Power will be allocated on an individual basis depending on the needs of each installation.

Bass Coast Festival does not provide power for tools during set up. If you require more power for set up than your own battery powered tools, please note in your application.


Bass Coast Festival is not responsible for any damage, theft, vandalism or any other incident regarding your installation, tools or property. You are completely responsible for your installation and property on site.


All Art Grant recipients must have at least 2 million in liability insurance per installation.

Bass Coast Festival Site Address: 1000 Midday Valley Road Merritt, BC V1K 1L4


Feb 28: Art Grant Applications close

Mar 30: Successful applicants contacted

May 1: Art Grant description and bio for Bass Coast Festival website deadline

July 5: Art Grant participants arrive on site

July 6: Gates open for early entry ticket holders

July 6: Installations must be completed by 11:59pm.

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