Bass Coast is committed to fostering its safe and inclusive community. In order to do so, Bass Coast requires that its staff, contributors, volunteers and attendees understand and agree to this Code of Conduct in relation to all activities involved in transport to, from, and within the Festival

Health & Safety

Bass Coast does not tolerate or condone any drug or alcohol abuse, underage alcohol consumption, possession and or the use of drugs and or illegal substances. Bass Coast prohibits its staff, contributors, volunteers and attendees from facilitating or being involved in the possession and or sale of drugs and or illegal substances in any way. 

Please immediately report any health and safety incident to the Shuttle Coordinator. This includes issues of violence, threatened violence, harassment, or other risk of harm.



This is not a party bus - we aim to provide a safe and comfortable ride for everyone, so please be respectful of other passengers. The use of drugs, alcohol, and personal music players on the vehicle is strictly prohibited. 

The Festival does not permit or condone inappropriate behaviour of any kind, which includes without limitation, any form of verbal, sexual, physical or emotional abuse and or harm; the use of derogatory or discriminatory language, gestures or actions; and any form of harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia or other targeted comments that are intended to cause personal offense or harm to any other person either at the Festival, on shuttle vehicles to and from the festival, or through social media channels in relation to the Festival or the Bass Coast community.

Please report any incident of damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property to the Bass Coast Shuttle Coordinator immediately. 

Please contact the Bass Coast Shuttle Coordinator immediately if you observe any risk of harm or a violation of this Code of Conduct and Bass Coast will work to assess the situation and to respond as soon as possible.