Sexual Violence- 1 Context (HIDDEN BUT IN USE. DO NOT DELETE)

This is the official Harassment and Assault Policy created in 2016 for Bass Coast Festival. To promote transparency, we are sharing our internal policy.

We acknowledge that this is difficult and challenging discussion material that can bring up many emotions and potential triggers. Please find resources related to sexual assault and mental health on our website or by emailing This policy is a living document.


Sexual harassment and sexual assault, although not new phenomena, are emergent challenges currently facing festival-goers, music festivals and the music industry more broadly. Research has shown that sexual harassment and sexual assault can have long standing physical, emotional and social impacts on survivors. For attendees, experiences with sexual harassment and assault can interrupt and even ruin a positive festival experience, cause attendees to leave a festival or deter people from altogether attending music festivals. 

Harm Reduction programming at live events is closely tied to sexual response prevention and response. The Government of British Columbia recommends that mass gatherings such as music festivals include services to educate attendees about alcohol and other drugs and also establish a space for vulnerable attendees to receive support.

Learn more about Bass Coast’s harm reduction services.

Sexual violence prevention also works hand in hand with anti-oppression and social justice work. A person’s identity, background or situation - can all impact a person’s exposure to and experiences with sexual violence. These things can also influence who a sexual assault survivor tells and when.

Racialized, transgender, gender variant people and people with disabilities experience disproportionate incidents of violence NOT due to their identities, but rather due to individual and systemic bias, racism, neglect and oppression and this often goes hand in had with a lack of sensitive, safe post assault services. 

Sexual violence has been used, and continues to be used as a tool of colonization and oppression and we recognize that any work undertaken to address sexual violence must be done with an intersectional lens, alongside the work to address power imbalances that result from gender inequality and other forms of oppression.

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Bass Coast has identified 4 core areas of focus for this policy:

  • EDUCATION - Educating the greater community on the root causes and prevention of power based violence, including sexual violence, particularly how they show up within music communities. Section 5.0.
  • PREVENTION - Working to prevent power-based violence including sexual harassment and sexual assault during the event. Section 6.0.
  • DISCLOSURES and COMPLAINTS - The means by which team members and the public can bring incidents of sexual harassment, misconduct or violence to the attention of the Bass Coast Staff. Section 7.0.
  • ASSESSMENT and RESTORATIVE PRACTICES - Outlines how complaints will be looked into and potential outcomes. Sections 8.0 and 9.0.

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