Sexual Violence- 1 Context (HIDDEN BUT IN USE. DO NOT DELETE)

Sexual harassment and sexual assault, although not new phenomena, are emergent challenges currently facing music festivals and the music industry more broadly.  Research has shown that sexual harassment and sexual assault can have long standing physical, emotional and social impacts on the survivors. For patrons, experiences with sexual harassment and assault and can deter people from attending music festivals.

Recognizing the pervasiveness of gendered and sexual harassment and assault, Bass Coast  has identified 3 core areas to

  • EDUCATION - Educating the greater community on the root causes and prevention of  power based violence, including sexual violence, particularly how they show up within music communities.
  • PREVENTION - Working to prevent power -based violence  including sexual harassment and sexual assault during the event.
  • DISCLOSURES and REPORTING - Bringing incidents to the attention of  staff, allowing Bass Coast to respond appropriately to allegations and incidents of sexual violence.