Sexual Violence- 2 Language (HIDDEN BUT IN USE. DO NOT DELETE)

We all come into the conversation about sexual violence with differing experiences, identities, trauma, knowledge, triggers, strengths, histories and lived experiences. A shared understanding of some terms can help make things easier to talk about.

This policy utilizes the term ‘survivor’ to refer to a person who experiences sexual assault. Bass Coast recognizes that some people and organizations prefer this term, while others may use the term victim/survivor. Some people and organizations may also use victim/survivor / survivor as one term. In navigating disclosures, Bass Coast representatives will follow the lead of the person disclosing to determine the language they identify with. 

Please see the glossary of terms used in this document (see bottom of document) and more generally when talking about sexual violence.

Confidentiality related to reports and disclosures of sexual violence is a top priority. Confidentiality is outlined in Section 11. 

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