Sexual Violence- 8 Supporting Survivors (HIDDEN BUT IN USE. DO NOT DELETE)

A survivor-centred approach to sexual violence seeks to empower the survivor by listening, protecting their confidentiality and prioritizing their rights, needs and wishes to every extent possible. It includes that that survivors have access to appropriate, accessible and safe services including:

  • MedicalĀ  care as needed
  • Social support
  • Security

Bass Coast will draw from a variety of resources, tools and actions to help support survivors onsite and in the off season which includes but is not limited to:

  • Affirming their dignity and respect
  • Access to Staff and volunteers who have completed training on navigating
  • Confidentiality as outlined in section
  • Support provided by the Bass Coast Sexual Assault Response Team (section 6.1), including support speaking with security and police when the situation dictates.
  • Access to a fully private area within the Harm Reduction space where they can name people they do not want in the space and a dedicated harm reduction worker.
  • Information / resources at event and beyond,Further list of support resource options.
  • Distinct wrist band to wear onsite to alert staff to offer extra assistance / supports / safety interventions.
  • Access to the response team during showtime by coming to the Harm Reduction space or via the text call for help system.
  • Option and assistance to move their camp to a more secure location on site as needed.
  • Clarity around timelines and communication methods and next steps
  • co create a safety plan, and
  • have reasonable and necessary actions taken to prevent further unwanted contact with the alleged perpetrator(s)