Sexual Violence- 9 Restorative / Remedial Actions (HIDDEN BUT IN USE. DO NOT DELETE)

Bass Coast’s Harm Reduction framework shares many of the same values employed in Transformative and Restorative Justice, specifically in regards to concepts of Interconnectedness, Respect and Accountability. Bass Coast knows that addressing the root causes of violence must also work alongside anti-oppressive, corrective and remedial actions. 

Recognizing that sexual violence exists on a spectrum, Bass Coast understands that in some situations of harm, it may be more useful and build greater community capacity to respond to harm with dialogue and education, as opposed to employing strictly punitive measures. As such, the actions carried out in response will be incident-specific, take into consideration the ongoing safety of the community and the survivor, be reviewed with the survivor, and be reflective of resources available at the time. Other teams and organizations may be consulted or involved in helping to identify restorative, remedial and / or disciplinary actions.  

If either or both of the assessment outlined in Sections 8.1 and 8.2 confirms that a violation of the Code of Conduct took place, subsequent actions may include but are not limited to:

An apology, verbal or written warning, a change to working arrangements, training for the perpetrator, mediation, training for the larger team, discipline, suspension, dismissal, revised contracts, revision of policy, increased supervision, documentation that perpetrator has completed a treatment or support program, documentation of completion of counselling about inappropriate behaviour, completion of specified readings, participation in a healing ceremony or other culturally or spiritually significant experience, establishing support links via pod mapping, sharing of further resources, and / or participation in a transformative and restorative justice program facilitated by an outside service. 

Other measures as identified by Bass Coast, the survivor, the Bass Coast Equity Committee (when established), Harm Reduction Team, community leaders, or other connected stakeholder or consultant. 

The assessment report will outline which actions will apply to which involved parties. Dates for follow through will also be specified. Copies to be provided to all involved parties. Unless otherwise specified in the report, the perpetrator is responsible for all costs incurred in the remedial actions that are assigned to them. 

Bass Coast is thankful to the labour of folks, in particular Black and Indigenous community leaders who have generously shared their learnings in this area which have informed this policy and inspired a commitment to further learning in this area, particularly: Transform Harm, Third Eye Collective, adrienne maree brown, INCITE!  And Mia Mingus to learn more.

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