Vehicle Searches

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ALL VEHICLES ENTERING THE FESTIVAL SITE ARE SEARCHED for alcohol, illegal substances, animals, glass bottles and mirrors and other banned items.


Do not bring any of these prohibited things on site:

- Glass (especially bottles & mirrors)
- Alcohol (drinks will be available at our on site bars)
- Illegal substances
- Laser pointers
- Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors
- Fireworks or Flares
- Fire dancing equipment
- Weapons
- Speakers and sound systems (no renegade stages please)
- Animals (service animals must be registered at the gate)
- Aerial drones
- Laser pointers
- Unauthorized solicitations (handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc.)
- Drones are not permitted on or in the air above the festival site.
- Body glitter / feathers that may fall on the ground (if you must use glitter, only use biodegradable glitter)
- War bonnet style headdresses. Learn why HERE.
- Any items that are culturally inappropriate: General Rule: If the item or look in question is traditionally used by a community or culture other than your own to express religious beliefs, political statements, or respected status within that culture, leave it alone.




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