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Harm Reduction

With a range of topics let us help guide you through Bass Coast as safely as possible.


Harm Reduction

Because harm reduction is community care.

When we say harm reduction, we mean creating and normalizing access to information, supplies, actions, policies, and relationships that can help reduce the risks associated with substance use.

Our community is rich with skills, experience and knowledge in this area and each year we bring like-minded, caring people together to do this work at the festival.

Our goal is to empower our peers to positively influence their own health and safety by providing some tools and information regarding harm reduction, and will do so leading up to and throughout Bass Coast Festival through education for and communication to our community around safer partying. We want everyone to have positive experiences at Bass Coast Festival for years to come.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with their relationship with substances, we encourage you to explore the following resources:

BC211 for free information and referrals to social services including treatment and detox.

BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services

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What Is Harm Reduction

What is harm reduction

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