Discover Something New


  • We curate performances with the intention of introducing you to new things, so arrive with an open mind
  • The music featured at Bass Coast is predominantly electronic, with an emphasis on original compositions and live performance
  • Stages are programmed to evolve musically over the course of the weekend, so there’s something for everybody
  • Because sound is very important to us, each stage features sound design by the award-winning PK Sound

The Stages

Bass Coast Festival features 4 main audio-visual environments:

  • Main Stage
  • Slay Bay
  • Radio Stage
  • Cantina Stage

Before You Arrive

  • Get acquainted with our complete lineup, which will be posted in the spring
  • Watch our social media channels for performer features, exclusive music and news
  • Consider purchasing some high quality earplugs to protect your hearing at all music events

Bass Coast


Illuminate your mind and body

The Brain

  • Located next to Main Stage, The Brain hosts workshops throughout the weekend
  • From talks on astronomy to ayurvedic cooking classes, there’s something for everybody
  • Workshops fill up quickly, so arrive early if you want to participate
  • Watch for the workshop descriptions and complete schedule coming in June

Yoga And Meditation

  • Relax and restore your body and mind with our yoga and meditation classes
  • Choose from one of several Instructor led yoga classes taking place at Radio Stage during the day
  • Try using one of our self-practice platforms located on the banks of the beautiful Coldwater River
  • Watch for the yoga and meditation schedule coming in June

Movement Workshops

  • Have fun learning new moves and meeting friends in our interactive dance and movement workshops
  • Try your hand at burlesque or develop your assets with booty-bass aerobics
  • Classes are welcoming to all genders and levels of experience
  • Watch for class descriptions and schedules coming in June

Where to


Camping is included with your festival ticket

Camping at bass coast

  • General admission ticket holders have access to campgrounds B and C
  • All vehicles entering the site requires a Vehicle Pass. This allows you to drive directly to you camping spot and camp with your vehicle.
  • Bring your RV, but be advised we do not offer RV hook-ups
  • Arrive on site early if you want river front camping

Consider The Following

There’s lots of space to camp on site, so ask yourself:

  • Do I want to be closer to the stages?
  • Do I want a quieter campsite at night?
  • Do I want my campsite to be secluded or in a more populated area?

before you arrive

  • Get familiar with our site map
  • Communicate with your friends, so you can find each other
  • Talk to people who have been to Bass Coast before for tips and advice on camping
  • If you have room, we encourage you to bring a bicycle

What to


Come Prepared

Must Haves

  • A quality tent or RV that can withstand the elements including heat, wind and rain
  • Rope and tarps for extra sun and rain protection
  • A high quality flashlight for finding your away around at night
  • Garbage bags for keeping your site clean and tidy

The Basics

  • Warm pants for sunrise
  • All your bikinis
  • Oversized sweater for staying cozy in your tent
  • 2 hats, 3 pairs of sunglasses. Minimum.


  • Decorations like solar powered lights
  • Inflatable water toys for the river
  • Gifts to share with your friends and neighbours

What to


ready to go shopping for the weekend

Must Haves

  • Comfortable and sturdy footwear- we can’t stress this enough
  • A warm jacket, preferably wind and rain proof (just in case)
  • Sunglasses
  • Multiple pairs of socks

The Basics

  • Dancing pants
  • Shorts and bikinis
  • Breathable tops
  • Hats


  • Theme-specific items
  • Accessories
  • Bass Coast swag
  • Something you’ve always wanted to wear, but haven’t found the right setting yet… now’s your chance

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