10 Things to Consider When Applying for Bass Coast Festival Art Grants

Bass Coast Festival is an immersive, artistic experience. Each year we invite artists to contribute to our event through our Art Grant Program. Our goal is to enhance the festival’s on-site experience while supporting and showcasing visual artists, from virtuosos to those just beginning their careers. 

If you’re considering applying for an art grant, read through our list of 10 Things to Consider When Applying for Bass Coast Festival Art Grants and then proceed to our information packages and applications.

  1. Art turns a concert into a music festival. We’re looking for unique installations that elevate the on-site experience and inspire conversation.
  1. Your team is as important as your idea. Make sure you have a skilled and reliable team in place before applying for a grant.
  1. If your idea or installation serves a functional purpose, it may have a better chance of being accepted. For example, last year a grant was awarded to Lauren Ritz to re-design our potable water stations. 
  1. Structures must meet building codes and standards. Do your research and make sure your installation will pass a safety inspection. All installations must have 2 million in liability insurance.
  1. For safety reasons, installations must light up at night. Preference will be given to well-lit structures. We recommend you add an electrician to your team.

  1. You must know the exact power draw of your installation. If this field is left blank on the application, you will not be accepted.
  1. Blank spaces on applications make us nervous. Fill out your application completely and take your time. Punctuation and grammar tell us a lot about your attention to detail and level of professionalism. 
  1. Your portfolio is an important part of your application. You must include images of previous work in your application to demonstrate your ability to complete quality work. 
  1. Show us your inspiration. The application has a field where you can upload a reference image of an existing design that inspired your idea.
  1. Bass Coast is buying. We’re investing over $10 000 in installations that we want to become part of our collection. Please let us know in your application if your art is for sale.

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