2023 Sustainability Highlights

Bass Coast is committed to fostering environmental stewardship through education, improved infrastructure and community collaboration. The 15th edition marked the achievement of many long-held sustainability goals. Read below for key highlights from the Bass Coast Green Team, and join us as we continue to strive towards a greener festival.


Composting and Landfill Diversion
One of the standout achievements of this year's event was the reintroduction of composting in partnership with Friendly Composting. By separating organic waste, a staggering 5180 lbs (2350 kgs) of food waste and compostable items were diverted from the landfill and turned into soil for the extended community.

Reducing Landfill Waste 
Through initiatives like composting, increased volunteers and improved waste sorting systems, Bass Coast was able to reduce total landfill waste by 12% compared to 2022. 

Amplified Recycling 
The benefits of diligent waste separation resulted in a 13% increase in bottle and can recycling, the proceeds from which will be donated to local charitable organizations. 

Waste-Sorting Ticket Giveaway 
Over 150 attendees participated in a Green Team Ticket Giveaway Contest by sorting and dropping off their waste early, or by participating in MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) collection efforts. A winner was randomly selected and won a ticket to Bass Coast 2024. 

Specialist Recycling at the Eco Hub
The Eco Hub continued and expanded its specialist recycling services this year, with collections in place for  propane tanks, scrap metal, batteries, e-waste and paint. Drop offs to Merritt’s Eco Depot increased threefold, which reduced the amount of potentially toxic contaminants entering the surrounding ecosystems. 

Attendee Abandoned Waste
Over 85 broken shade structures were left in the campgrounds. The Green Team diverted this waste from the landfill and sent them to metal recycling where they will be converted into raw materials and recycled into new products. This has prompted plans for more education directed at attendees to pack it in, pack it out in 2024.

Eco Fits 
Green Team members received custom commemorative t-shirts this year, symbolizing a shared commitment to a greener future that extends beyond the festival grounds. 

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