3 Questions 4: ALIX PEREZ

We linked up with Alix Perez to kick off Bass Coast's new interview series, 3 Questions 4. Alix is a legendary Drum and Bass producer originally from Belgium and the creative force behind the label 1985 Music. Over more than a decade he has proven himself to be one of the genre's most unique voices. He took time out of his day to answer 3 questions for us: 

You’re one of the foremost voices in modern drum and bass music and have consistently evolved your sound. As the genre enters its 3rd decade of existence where do you find the inspiration to keep innovating?

AP: Diversity has always been a big factor. I like to experiment and play around in the studio and keep things fun. Having several projects and vibes to bounce to and from really helps me steer away from stagnation.
Listening to all kinds of music also helps. I rarely listen to the 175 region in my spare time. Graphic design and other forms of artistic expression also keep me feeling fresh. 
From R&S Records to New Beat, Belgium has a rich history of electronic music. Were there any particular Belgian artists or groups that inspired you early in your DJ career?
AP: I grew up on a lot of my mum's record collection and it certainly featured some R&S. CJ Bolland springs to mind first and foremost. Even more significant though I think is the carnival of Binche in Belgium. Something I listened to religiously on my portable tape player as a kid. It's very drum orientated and typical of the Gilles at this particular event.
The West-Coast electronic music scene has a deep love for drum and bass. Do you have any special plans for your set at Bass Coast?
I'm just looking forward to sharing new and old music. Stuff from the my label 1985 and its up and coming artists. Classics that were influential to me and possibly some different tempos that I've played with recently. I never plan my sets so it will be very spontaneous. I can't wait to be back.
Be sure to follow Alix Perez on Soundcloud and Twitter music and tour updates. 

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