3 Questions 4: Priori

Priori is an alias of Francis Latreille who first put out solo releases on Greek label Echovolt and Canadian imprint ASL Singles Club. Known to be an avid collaborator, Latreille is involved in a number of projects including Jump Source, M.S.L., Housemates, New World Science, ANF and more. He has also worked on mixing projects by fellow artists including Roza Terenzi, Ex-Terrestrial, RAMZi, Bambii, and Ouri.

In late 2021, Priori released his second album Your Own Power via his own NAFF imprint, to great acclaim. The album showcases his productions of a more contemplative style. In 2022 Priori enlisted a heavyweight line-up of artists to rework some of the album’s standout tracks. Your Own Power Remixes features new editions from Donato Dozzy, Aurora Halal, DJ Python, and Bambounou alongside a Priori VIP - each bringing their own flair and style to the record. 

You’re bouncing all over Canada and USA this spring and summer performing. You were in Detroit recently to premiere your new live techno set at Marble Bar. Your Instagram said “No computer, lots more improv.” How did it go? Are you playing live at Bass Coast, or are you DJing?

I'll be DJing at Bass Coast. Stoked to be able to play some new tunes. I've been enjoying doing a bit of both lately, I still find Djing really stimulating.

You are associated with collaborative projects like Jump Source, which is you and Patrick Holland. You have another project called New World Science that is comprised of you,  Adam Feingold (Ex-Terrestrial) and Emmanuel Thibau. You just announced this week you are working on a new EP with producer Regular Fantasy for the Vancouver imprint Specials Worldwide. What is it about collaborations that makes you seek out these kinds of creative relationships?

Oftentimes it just comes from wanting to hang out with friends. We talk about music, or anything else, and get excited about materializing those thoughts. I also always learn from working with other people. It keeps me excited about the process.
Aside from your work in music and sound, clearly love visual art. Tell me about the unique album artwork for your releases Your Own Power and Your Own Power Remixes. What am I looking at?!
Haha, yeah I think that's what I like about it, the questions. Both were designed by Matt Cangiano, an artist from Ontario. When I discovered his work, I immediately saw a connection with how I approach music. The mixed media, the connection between technology and nature, dense textures. It's all things I think about when I write music, especially that album.

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