8 self-care tips to help beat the post-festival blues

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After experiencing the 11th edition of Bass Coast, we're all inching back into our daily lives. Coming home from a music festival and integrating back into society can be challenging. Read some self-care tips from our team and beat those post-festival blues. 

1) Catch up on sleep. Seriously. Go to bed. 

2) Seek connection. It could be a partner, pet or a simply a couple of friends. You just spend 4 days with thousands of smiling people. Don't suddenly isolate yourself. 

Group of friends at Bass Coast 2019

Photo: Nik Molson 

3) Replenish. Eat some veggies, fruit and whole foods. Drink lots of water and take some electrolytes. 

4) Mix up your genres. It might be tempting to relive the festival through your fav artists and tracks from the weekend. There's time for that - but while you wait for artists to release their sets, try mixing it up. Revisit classics or dive into a new genre. 

5) Get into nature. Remember how nice if felt to be outside for so many hours in the day? Go for a hike, read a book in the sun or do a park picnic with friends.

6) Get silly. Some of your best memories are probably your most ridiculous festival moments. Lighten up. There's a place for that energy in your day to day lives. 

Photo: Banana Cam Photo

7) Make art. Art and creation are principal tenants of Bass Coast. Ride the wave of inspiration and get busy creating. 

8 ) Reach out if you need it. Give yourself a full week to recover. Treat yourself gently. And if you can't shake it, please seek out the help of a friend, family member or professional. 

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  • Thanks for the list! Coming up with an interactive art “installation” concept for next year and recruiting friends to flesh out the idea helps, too. See you next year!

    ~RyanR> on
  • Video games help

    Marky on

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