Artist Spotlight: G Jones

Back by popular demand, G Jones is making his hotly anticipated return to Bass Coast this summer. The Northern California producer has been busy over the past year, putting out the full length LP The Ineffable Truth on Illusory Records.

This album features G Jones at his best, drawing from a diverse range of influences: from skittering breakbeats and microsamples that would feel right at home on Warp Records in the late 90s to the energetic futuristic bass sounds that he has refined to near perfection.


Even beyond the music G Jones has also been been making big moves, stepping up as an ambassador for a number of forward thinking initiatives. Partnering with Dancesafe and long time Bass Coast mainstays Good Night Out Vancouver, G Jones helped to promote harm reduction and consent education at his tour dates. 

From his forward thinking music to his commitment to education in the dance music community, G Jones represents the core values of Bass Coast. His set is a must see at this year's festival. 

Check out more from G Jones here: Facebook / Soundcloud


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