Bass Coast 2019: Application Overview

Preparations for Bass Coast 2019 have begun and a number of applications have just been opened to the public. Beyond the music, Bass Coast offers an array of curated experiences including art installations, workshops, artisan vending and movement classes. A number of artists and artisans come together every year to make the festival a success. Here is a look at some of the applications that are available. 

Art Grants

Bass Coast is an immersive artistic experience. Each year a number of highly talented visual artists are given the opportunity to showcase their work at the festival. This year over $20,000 in financial support will be made available. Bass Coast is seeking three dimensional art that has strong evocative qualities, designs that are interactive with the viewer, and installations that initiate profound conversation. If you are interested, apply here

Workshops at The Brain

The Brain is Bass Coast’s dedicated learning space. Last year saw a number of highly informative and thought provoking experiences take place, with topics ranging from consent culture to artist management. Bass Coast is committed to fostering meaningful conversations that inspire personal growth. If you would like to share your expertise with the community, apply here

Yoga and Movement Workshops

Every year Bass Coast provides its community with access to a full program of movement workshops. These classes facilitated by professional instructors are designed to help attendees unwind, relax, and stay moving throughout the weekend. Bass Coast is looking for educators with training and experience relevant to their workshop topic, and accessible and inclusive workshops and classes that offer unique and innovative perspectives and techniques. You can apply to lead one of these workshops here

Performance Artists

Bass Coast is also host to a number of performance artists. Examples of performance styles that have traditionally been featured at the festival include:

  • Roving performances that move throughout the festival site. These performances are encouraged to include interactive elements or characters. 
  • Group stage performances lasting from 5-20 minutes. 
  • Aerial artists that perform to their own music or during another set. 

Bass Coast unfortunately cannot accept applications from performances featuring fire due to environmental conditions that make wildfire risk extremely high. To learn more and apply, click here. 

Food Vending

The 6500+ attendees of Bass Coast work up a serious appetite over a weekend of dancing. Luckily there are a number of food vendors ready to serve them. Bass Coast encourages applications from vendors who locally source their resources and have innovative ways to handle waste. To learn more and apply, click here

Artisan Vending

Artisans of all kinds are invited to sell their wares at Bass Coast. Three different store sizes are being made available to suit multiple kinds of businesses. Bass Coast encourages vendors to have a unique presentation of their store. To learn more and apply, click here

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