Bass Coast x Ivy Lab

Bass Coast connected with Gove from Ivy Lab ahead of his Bass Coast performance and TW/TW London Showcase to discuss the changing emotional landscape of electronic music, how he explains Bass Coast to his friends back home and why the next Ivy Lab project will freak you out. 

Key Moments:

The Glastonbury sets that brought his son to tears - 04:20

How he describes Bass Coast to his friends back home -06:18

Why he likes to try out his most forward-thinking music at Bass Coast - 07:40

Ivy Lab’s new audio-visual show currently in production: 11:55

Why Ivy Lab wants to freak you out: 20:00

How Ivy Lab’s new project is transforming the emotional landscape of the rave: 22:00

The vision behind the upcoming TW/TW London Showcase 23:50

Connect with Ivy Lab: 




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