Behind The Theme Part Two

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It took 3 months, 40 pieces of artwork, and over 200 word pairings.  
A lengthy and multifaceted process, the signature artwork for the Bass Coast 2020 theme ‘Future Deco’ was neither a spontaneous creation nor the result of a ‘first thought, best thought’ process.

The first iteration of the 2020 artwork. 
Future Deco’s visual direction was the result of a team of 9 individuals, many hours, questions and pauses. It was unknown territory; a new encounter blending storytelling, original art and brand integrity.
The 'hands reaching across time' become 3D in the next version. 

No matter the level of artistry, the medium or the objective, the soaring highs and at times infuriating lows of the creative process are an inseparable aspect of the human experience. 

When inspiration grinds to a screeching halt, the solution must lie in collaboration.  As Co-founder and Artistic Director Liz Thomson says, “We all fight to finish our project to impossible standards, we all have moments where we want to walk away and start something new instead.” This was the defining element in creating Future Deco.

An art deco version that incorporates the Little Big tree. 

The beginning of this decade is iconic. 2020 has long been held in popular culture as the benchmark for ‘futurism’ and the varying potentials therein. Will the coming years bear a graceful fusion of humanity with machines creating an egalitarian society that thrives in balance with nature, or a dark loss of control over an incessant need for technological advancement? Our choices write the script. 

A different iteration of an art deco theme with the Little Big Tree. 

Simultaneously, certain societal progressions harken back to the 1920’s; a bloom of human rights, freedom of expression, adventure and culture growth. As it does so often, the richest opportunity hung in the balance. 

The final artwork for Future Deco. 

Future Deco presents an opportunity to reinvigorate previous Bass Coast themes into dress, art installations and creative activations. Upcycling previous themes like Space, Prism and Gold into this year's theme offers an avenue for a retrospective collection presented in an entirely new light. 

Explore ideas to embody Future Deco here. 

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