Subtle Radio x BassCoast

London's Subtle Radio returns to Bass Coast this summer, showcasing an international collection of groundbreaking artists. Get to know the Subtle Radio artists below. 

Bianca Oblivion : Bianca Oblivion is a connector of the global club underground, drawing lines between US and UK bass music, baile funk, reggaeton, grime, vogue and beyond. She has long been involved in multiple facets of the LA underground, continuously working to create spaces for femme/non-binary, queer, and POC artists in Los Angeles nightlife, most recently with her DJ crew/event series Warp Mode alongside Star Eyes and AK Sports

Dane: A Dj and seasoned digger of over 20 years, Dane has been fortunate enough to spread his passion for music across countries and continents. From festivals in Egypt, to Berghain's Panorama Bar in Berlin, Dane is no stranger to the dance floor, ever excited to share in the acts of love and dance.

DigitialDigital has been a prominent force since 1995. Pick an era in drum and bass, and his signature boot stamp is dented deep into it. From creating some of the most seminal soundtracks for Goldie's legendary Blue Note Sunday Sessions, he's one of the first jungle artists to explore the now prevalent halftime style. 

DJ LagIn just over six years, DJ Lag has established himself as a world-class sonic innovator and taken one of the exciting electronic music movements of the 21st century from South Africa into the global spotlight. Remarkably, Lwazi Asanda Gwala has achieved this while not yet 27 and while remaining deeply connected to the source of his creativity – the township of Clermont in the coastal city of Durban.

Energy Boyz: Energy Boyz is the brainchild of Canadian producers Garneau & Destrata. What was initially a DJ project, quickly turned into an outlet for their collaborative originals. While their solo music is relatively different, they were brought together by their mutual love of breakbeats, electro, and low end frequencies. 

Fort Knox FiveFort Knox Five is known for bending genres and using a broad range of musical elements in their creation of highly original music. This approach ultimately pioneered a funky scene where FK5 continues to top charts today.

Hood JoplinHood Joplin, a Canadian electronic music producer and DJ blending rap, footwork, and experimental electronic music to create a unique sound. She gained recognition in Edmonton's underground house party scene during the 2010s for her energizing sets that activated dance floors. 

Little SnakeGino Serpentini, better know as the hyper-technical sound designer that is Little Snake, is a Canadian born producer and DJ. Their work is an avant-garde deconstruction of the more bass heavy genres, creating freeform ties between grime, IDM, and all- things experimental, loosely bound by dark aesthetics and traditional rave motifs. 

SicariaBorn and based in London but of Moroccan descent, Sicaria cites her envelopment of SWANA culture as a main influence shaping her identity growing up - providing a continuous exposure to music ranging from Classical Arabic to Egyptian Shabby, Algerian Raï to Moroccan Gnawa and everything in between. 

SivzSivz is an artist born out of relentless hard work and passion for the party. Using intricate percussion, rhythmic vocal chops, and dominant vocals as her ultimate tools for expression, her releases on Farris Wheel Recordings, Monstercat, and Force of Habit have received support from acts like Chris Lake, CID, Claptone, and Low Steppa, placing in Spotify's editorial playlists, and above all, resonating with her dedicated fan base.

Smalltown DJsThe Smalltown sound combines the spirit of Canada's outdoor electronic music festivals with the sound they cultivated at the legendary Hifi Club in Calgary (which they owned and operated). They have released music most recently on various labels including Box of Cats, Night Bass, Monstercat, RDA, Fool's Gold, Sweat It Out!, House Call, Holy Molé and more. 

Tim Parker: Tim Parker is a DJ and producer from London, England. He began his career in the early 2010s as a radio DJ on NTS. His monthly radio show, You’ll Soon Know, focuses on the hip-hop and electronic music scenes and has become a point of reference for listeners and artists around the world.

Subtle Radio Takeover: Key players of the Subtle Radio team will hit the decks showcasing the underground sounds that have become their signature: 

Plan your weekend. Explore the schedule here. 

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