A Vending Legacy

Everything can and must be art. 

In 2013 Bass Coast introduced incentives to encourage vendors to grow beyond the typical festival merchandise booth and create immersive shopping environments. For the next 4 years, Jenni Mohnstr and crew pushed this concept past the limits of our original vision with their environment Mohnstr & Queen. They sold treasures to those who discovered them in the forest, hidden inside an ordained pirate ship and enticed their community into another world.  Dripping with creative love the ship was, for a moment in time, a legendary gathering space that touched the hearts of our community.

Mohnstr & Queen booth 2018


All ships must sail into the night.

In the wake of Mohnstr & Queen, Bass Coast has created a grant for vendors to continue Jenni's vision. The 2020 grant has been awarded to Mugwort Designs, who will be creating this year's immersive vending booth. 

Having recently moved to the Merritt area, the Bass Coast Alumni artists will be interpreting the Future Deco theme with their illuminated video mapped booth and offer an array of unconventional treasures for sale. 

Mugwort Booth and Storyboard 2020

Many people in our community make a living from festival vending. Discover the market at Bass Coast 2020, and support the creative movement of individuals who are exhibiting this year. 

Secure your ticket to Bass Coast 2020. 

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