Spa Vendor Information Package

Bass Coast takes place from July 12-15, 2024, in Merritt, BC on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Nlaka’pamux and Syilx people. Bass Coast Festival provides an immersive experience for our attendees, including an opportunity for stylists and body practitioners to offer their services at the Bass Coast Spa.

We are looking for:

  • Talented practitioners to offer massage, healing modalities, festival hair styling, nails, makeup and body painting daily from Thursday, July 11, 2024 - Sunday, July 14, 2024.

Spa practitioner Participation Price includes:

  • ONE PRACTITIONER: 10x10 area: $700 plus 5% GST and leave no trace deposit. (Fee includes one ticket valued at $439 each.)
  • TWO PRACTITIONERS: 10x10 area: $1139 plus 5% GST and leave no trace deposit. (Fee includes two tickets valued at $439 each.)

Fee includes: 

  • 10 x 10 stall area
  • 20 amps of power
  • Onsite storage for equipment 

Important Info:

  • Applications close on Feb 1, 2024.
  • All successful applicants will contacted by March 15, 2024.
  • Only successful applicants will be contacted.
  • Spa Practitioners must bring their own products, equipment, and a black or white 10 x 10 tent with walls, which must be disguised and wind-secured.

IMPORTANT: Spa Practitioner Area 
Bass Coast is an immersive artistic environment which does not allow the use of plain pop-up tents or tarps inside the festival venue. Spa practitioners must disguise their tents to participate in the art exhibit. Use white or gently coloured fabrics, plants, art or team up with an artistic friend to create a unique experience for your clients. If the tents are not entirely covered, you may be asked to remove the tent and will not be permitted to vend.

If you have questions regarding the Bass Coast Spa, please email


Bass Coast is a 19-plus event, and photo ID is required to enter the festival site. No animals are permitted on-site before, during or after the event.  

All practitioners must use environmentally friendly packaging products. We encourage all practitioners to source products locally whenever possible. Please read the Bass Coast sustainability education series:

Please read about our Accessibility services:  

Bass Coast is committed to fostering its safe and inclusive community. In order to do so, Bass Coast requires that its team, contributors, volunteers and attendees understand and agree to this Code of Conduct in relation to all activities regarding the Festival. Please take a moment to read our Code of Conduct: 

Please take on the responsibility to do your research and educate yourself on this issue. When choosing clothing, makeup, hair stylings and healing modalities for Bass Coast and anytime, ask the questions:

  1. Does this item or practice hold traditional significance to a community or culture?
  2. Is the item or practice intended to express religious beliefs or political statements?
  3. Does the item or practice designate respect and or status within that culture?

If the answer is yes to any of the above (or if you don’t know), we ask you to reconsider wearing or selling it. Bass Coast’s harm reduction strategy includes a commitment to providing a culturally safe environment for the whole community. A culture of mutual respect is a fundamental part of the Bass Coast experience. Even if you think your specific use of a culturally significant piece of clothing or makeup is respectful, other community members may find it insensitive or upsetting. We ask that you avoid selling or wearing these items at Bass Coast to maintain a welcoming and comfortable environment for all festival attendees.

Please read more about our ETHOS:

Each practitioner can choose the price they charge the customer. Each Spa Practitioner will be responsible for collecting payments. There will not be a maximum fee for service prices, but practitioners are encouraged to keep prices at an accessible rate.

The Bass Coast Spa is located in a shaded forest near the Slay Bay stage in a high-traffic area. The music from the stages is audible from the spa. A Bass Coast volunteer will host the spa entrance from Friday - Sunday, 10 am - 6 pm, to answer spa questions.  Each Spa Practitioner is responsible for checking in their clients. 

Spa Practitioners are required to use your preferred booking system. Bass Coast will include your booking link in the Practitioner Biography on the Bass Coast website and app.

Your spa booth hours are flexible but expected to be open a minimum of 6 hours a day between 9 am - 9 pm. Your booth must be ready by Thursday at 8 pm. We encourage spa vendors to open on Thursday for crew, volunteers, artists, or other in-house crew who may want to schedule a treatment. Please do NOT schedule any General Admission attendees on Thursday. GA ticket holders are not allowed in the forest until Friday. 

Prepare for all weather. We may experience extreme heat, torrential rain, severe thunderstorms or high winds. It’s your responsibility to ensure your goods and tent are secured and prepared for all elements. 

Spa Practitioners will be permitted to camp in General Admission camping areas. 

Spa practitioners may enter the festival site from 9 AM on Wednesday, July 10th. If you arrive after 10 PM, you will be processed the following morning. No exceptions.
Spa practitioners must be off-site by 6 PM, Monday, July 15th. 

Bass Coast has a professional security team on-site with a comprehensive security plan. Security will be patrolling all areas 24 hours/day. Unfortunately, theft is a reality at most festivals, so please secure your valuables on-site.

The practitioner is responsible for bringing all necessary materials to perform their services and storing their equipment in the storage supplied (near the back of the Main stage). All equipment inside your 10x10 tent must be set up and taken down each night, as there will not be security in the Bass Coast Spa when closed. If you choose to keep your equipment in your tent, please ensure your equipment is secured and the walls are closed. You are responsible for the safety of your equipment. The 10x10 tent must be black or white and must be decorated and disguised.

Practitioners may not include any third-party advertising signage. All practitioners will be requested to remove any third-party logos or signs upon setting up at Bass Coast Festival. Any signage must be approved by Bass Coast management.

Bass Coast will provide one box per store with one standard 3-prong (20amp) power outlet. If more power is required, additional charges may apply.

You are responsible for recycling all packaging from your goods at our recycling depot on-site. There are no glass bottles permitted on site. If you sell glass products, please make a note in your application. Please reference our FAQ for other products not allowed on the Bass Coast site 

Bass Coast Festival will continue to operate in accordance with provincial and local health guidelines and recommendations. The government of British Columbia’s current response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can be viewed here.

Please read our Liability Waiver: 

All practitioners must have liability insurance. 2 million in liability per practitioner. 
Bass Coast Site Address: 1000 Midday Valley Road Merritt, BC V1K 1L4
Liability Insurance Form must be sent through the requested Bass Coast form.

Payment must be made in full by May 1, 2024, via E-Transfer to 

This includes:

  • $700 plus 5% GST
  • Payment Processing Fees
  • Ticket arranged once the total amount has been paid

Feb 15: 
Bass Coast Spa applications close
March 15: All applicants will be informed of the application status
April 15: Confirmed technical needs submitted
May 1:   Full Payment to Bass Coast due and proof of insurance
July 10: Spa practitioners may arrive on-site between 9 AM - 10 PM
July 11: All Spa practitioners must be ready to open at 10 AM or as agreed with the Bass Coast Spa manager
July 15: Spa practitioners leave the site by 6 PM