Food Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a Bass Coast Festival 2024 Food Vendor. Bass Coast takes place from July 12-15, 2024, in Merritt, BC, on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Nlaka’pamux and Syilx people. Food is integral to the Bass Coast Festival experience, where 6500 attendees, artists and volunteers gather.  We seek vendors who offer delicious and nutritious items and share our commitment to minimising our environmental impact. 

Important Information:

  • Food Vendor Applications close on Feb 1, 2024.
  • Please note that some priority is given to vendors who have previously contributed to Bass Coast Festival.
  • Only successful applicants will be contacted. All successful applicants will contacted by March 15, 2024. 

Full Service Stall: $2200 plus 15% of daily sales and leave no trace deposit, which includes: 

  • Ten staff tickets, camping (behind the stall or in general admission camping) and one Food Vendor parking pass. 
  • Bass Coast Festival Food Vendors may request to apply for a limited number of additional staff tickets (cost:$439 plus s/c + taxes). 
  • Power is now included. (Previously, this was an additional charge; as of 2024, the power is now included in the stall fee) 

Beverage / Snack Stall: $1600 plus 15% of daily sales and leave no trace deposit, which includes:

  • Six staff tickets, camping (behind the booth or in general admission camping) and 1 Food Vendor parking pass. 
  • Bass Coast Festival Food Vendors may request to apply for a limited number of additional staff tickets (cost:$439 plus s/c + taxes). 
  • Power is now not included.  (Previously, this was an additional charge; as of 2024, the power is now included in the stall fee)

Fees include:

  • Daily potable water hookup
  • Greywater removal
  • Garbage, recycling and compost removal from the site
  • Power (30 amps or 50 amps)

A $200 Leave No Trace (LNT) deposit is required to ensure your waste is sorted correctly and the site is left spotless in addition to the stall price. Bass Coast Food Vendors may apply for a limited number of additional staff tickets. ($439 plus s/c + taxes /ticket)


Bass Coast is a 19-and-over event, and photo ID is required to enter the festival site. This includes all vendors and staff. No animals are permitted on-site before, during, or after the event.

All vendors must use compostable (not just biodegradable) packaging and utensils. All Vendors will be required to purchase Bass Coast approved compostable packaging or participate in a plate rental plan — exact details to come by Feb 2024. No disposable water bottles will be sold on-site (by vendors or Bass Coast Festival), and no glass bottles are permitted for sale. Straws are required to be plant-based. We encourage all vendors to source products locally whenever possible. 

Please see the Sustainability Agreement for full details on sustainability requirements and  take a moment to read our sustainability education series:

Please take a moment to read about our Accessibility services: 

Bass Coast is committed to fostering its safe and inclusive community. In order to do so, Bass Coast requires that its team, contributors, volunteers and attendees understand and agree to this Code of Conduct in relation to all activities regarding the Festival. Please take a moment to read our Code of Conduct:

Please take on the responsibility to do your own research and educate yourself on this issue. When choosing clothing and stylings for Bass Coast and anytime, ask the questions:

  1. Does this item hold traditional significance to a community or culture?
  2. Is the item intended to express religious beliefs or political statements?
  3. Does the item designate respect and or status within that culture?

 If the answer is yes to any of the above (or if you don’t know), we ask you to reconsider wearing it. Bass Coast’s harm reduction strategy includes a commitment to providing a culturally safe environment for the whole community. A culture of mutual respect is a fundamental part of the Bass Coast experience. Even if you think your specific use of a culturally significant piece of clothing or makeup is respectful, other community members may find it insensitive or upsetting. We ask that you avoid selling or wearing these items at Bass Coast to maintain a welcoming and comfortable environment for all festival attendees. 

Please take a moment to read more about our ETHOS:

The Food Vending Market is located in a busy hub near the General Store, The Brain Workshop stage and the popular Cantina Stage & Bar. Vendors are encouraged to create their own seating area environment around their stall. Our attendees appreciate it when the vendors take part in the artistic landscape. 

Prepare for all weather. We may experience extreme heat, torrential rain, severe thunderstorms or high winds. It’s your responsibility to make sure your stall and products are secure and prepared for the elements.

Camping for food vendors is in the designated area behind your stall. You can park one camper/sleeping vehicle in this area. Food vending staff may also camp in General Camping. 

Each food vending stall will receive one staff lot parking pass. Each vending stall has space for one camper/vehicle to be parked directly behind it. This vehicle parked behind the vendor will not have in/out privileges. You may request one additional parking spot or park in General Admission camping. No exceptions.

Staff Gate is open for food vendors on Wednesday, July 10, from 9 AM - 8 PM. All food vendors must arrive no later than 8 PM for placement. Food Vendors will be assigned a specific time to arrive for placement onsite on Wednesday, July 10, 2024. Vendors must be off-site on Monday, July 15, at 8 PM. Late departures do not get their Leave No Trace deposit back.

We have a strong and professional security team onsite and a comprehensive security plan. Security will be patrolling all areas. Unfortunately, theft is a reality at most festivals, so please secure your valuables on-site. We require that stalls have front lighting that is kept on all night, even if the store is not open, to create a safe and secure area.

We encourage food vendors to open early and stay open as late as they like. The following hours are mandatory for all food vendors:
Thursday, July 11, 2024: 12 PM - 10 PM 
Friday, July 12 - Sunday, July 14, 2024: 10 AM - 3 AM   

All food vendors must accept Bass Coast-issued food vouchers (given to Bass Coast artists, staff, volunteers, etc). The voucher types will be communicated to the food vendors in advance by Dec. 15. Bass Coast will reimburse all food vendors by cheque for the vouchers redeemed. The food vendor is responsible for collecting all of the vouchers and submitting them to the designated Bass Coast Food Vending manager. 

Vendors may not include any third-party advertising signage. All vendors will be requested to remove any third-party logos or signs upon setting up at Bass Coast. 

There is one potable water hook-up in the market. We will run potable water hoses to the water reservoir in each of your stalls. There is no water under pressure. All vendors must provide their own hoses to hook into our supply line. There are no disposable water bottle sales allowed onsite. 

All vendors must provide their own pump and hose for greywater removal. 

An electrical cable will be run to your stall; however, we need to know your exact power needs to plan for extra generated power if your power needs exceed our supply. We will not provide special adaptors to your plugs. You are responsible for carrying these adaptors with your stall. There will be additional charges if you require an adaptor. 

We do not provide a refrigeration truck. You are responsible for your own refrigeration needs. If you require extra space for refrigeration, please contact Steve Sheridan the Food Court Manager. 

Packaging from your goods must go to our on-site depot and be recycled by you. A $200 Leave No Trace (LNT) deposit is required to ensure your waste is properly sorted and your site is left spotless. Your LNT deposit will be returned on-site Monday, July 15, after your plot has been inspected and approved and any power adaptors have returned. 

All vendors must have 2 million in liability insurance.Bass Coast Site Address: 1000 Midday Valley Road Merritt, BC V1K 1L4Liability Insurance Form must be sent in through the requested Bass Coast form.

Bass Coast is a “Temporary Food Event”, and all vendors must have a permit to operate. After you are accepted to our market, you will need approval from Interior Health. You are responsible for this permit. If your mobile unit is not registered with IHA then you will need to obtain a permit to operate. Please review the guidelines. 

Click on these links for more information on obtaining a permit to operate a food service at a temporary event or festival:

Interior Health Permit Information
Review the requirements 
Application form

All units must pass a gas and electrical inspection by a safety officer on-site.

It is recommended that you hire a licensed gas contractor to go through all of your equipment before coming onto the site.  All aspects of how each unit is assembled and the safe operation of each unit must comply; this shall also include the proper type and number of non-expired fire extinguishers. Each unit must bear the Certification of Approval decal upon arrival in Merritt, or they will not be permitted to operate at the event.
For more information, contact Wayne Johnson, Provincial Gas Safety Officer Interior South Region at:

Payment must be made in full by May 1, 2024. This includes:

  • Store fee plus 5% GST
  • Leave no trace (LNT) deposit of $200
  • Payment processor fees

Additional staff ticket requests must be received by June 30, 2024.

Daily Sales will be tallied with Bass Coast Management daily. The 15% owed to Bass Coast will be due upon the conclusion of sales for Bass Coast 2024. 

Bass Coast Festival will continue to operate in accordance with provincial and local health guidelines and recommendations. The government of British Columbia’s current response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can be viewed here.

Please take a moment to read our Liability Waiver: 

Feb 1:    Food Vendor Applications close
Mar 15:  Successful Food Vendor applicants contacted
May 1:    Full payment to Bass Coast due
June 30: Additional Staff ticket requests deadline
July 10:   Food Vendors arrive onsite at pre-assigned time
July 11:   All Food vendors must open at 12 PM
July 15:   Vendors must be off-site by 8 PM. LNT deposit is available upon exit.