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Bass Coast would like to acknowledge that we collaborate, celebrate, and innovate on the shared traditional territories of the Nłeʔkepmx and Syilx. This would have been our eighth year at the Merritt Festival site and many of you have been with us for the entire twelve year journey. We thank you all.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. Health and safety must collectively be our first priority and Bass Coast is following the lead of BC's Provincial Health Officer. Due to COVID-19 Bass Coast Festival has announced the postponement of Bass Coast 2020 to next year - July 9-12, 2021. Bass Coast would like to express gratitude to all the front line workers who are helping us stay safe during this time.

We appreciate those who took the time to share constructive, respectful feedback. This is an unprecedented situation and we are committed to finding solutions that balance the festival’s preservation with the needs of our community. We have heard your concerns and have used this feedback to update the original COVID-19 response. The new plan addresses the most common themes including keeping groups together and choice of year. Additionally there are now incentives to choose a later year. If you are in a position to select 2022 or 2023, we humbly ask that you do so as it will help ensure the festival has a future beyond the pandemic.


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3 Year Plan

2020 tickets are now evenly distributed between 2021, 2022 & 2023.


Select which year you’d like to go. First come first served.


Tickets redeemed in 2022 & 2023 include additional benefits.


Option to register your small group for the same year (max 4).

Options - Registration closed on May 25th 2020 at 11am

Donate Thank you for your support

2023 Best option to keep your group together

2022 $40 off 2021 ticket

2021 Limited tickets available

The Robbie Option Do nothing and we will pick for you


Registration Details:

    STEP 1: You will receive an email from Tickit with a link to your registration page on May 18th.

    STEP 2: On May 19th at 11am PST click the link and pick your first and second choice (closes: May 25th).

    STEP 3: You will receive confirmation of your year by email on May 27th.

Registration Details:

  • If you placed multiple transactions/orders containing general admission (GA) tickets, you will have multiple links. You need to fill in the form for each of your transactions/orders with GA tickets.
  • Choose your first and second choice for the year to redeem your ticket(s) or do nothing and we will choose a year for you.
  • Ticket availability has been divided evenly among the three years. Your submissions will be time stamped. Our system will receive the requests and allocate the tickets in order.
  • You will receive confirmation of your year by email on May 27th.
  • Payment plan orders will also use this system, please read the FAQ below for extra details.
  • Thursday Entry ticket registration will open on May 27th Details below.

If you are able to select a later year, we ask that you do so as this helps us immensely. Each later year has unique incentives. If you are on a payment plan you must pay it off in full to register with a group.

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