3 Questions 4: Uniiqu3

Uniiqu3 is an ambassador of Jersey Club, a highly influential genre of dance music that started in Newark, New Jersey. Shaped by Baltimore club and Chicago house, the genre has become a pop culture force, finding its way into TikTok and Fortnite viral dance trends. Characterized by a high BPM, energetic vocals and chopped-up pop music samples – the music is growing in popularity and influence around the world. 
Bass Coast  caught up with DJ, dancer and party-maker UNIIQU3 ahead of Bass Coast to learn about this exciting music and where it comes from. 

How do you describe Jersey Club to someone who’s new to the genre?

Jersey Club is a hybrid dance genre originated in Newark, New Jersey, grabbing inspiration from Chicago House and Baltimore club. This genre is here to cater to all your dance floors needs whether it's an original production with a viral dance challenge to accompany it or a remix of your favorite top 40 hit. It's this generation's take on dance music and it's taking the world by storm. Mainstream Artists like Ciara, Missy Elloit, Drake,  and Swizz Beat's have borrowed the sound while the genre is the highlight of any dj's set at a rave. A Jersey Club song consists of breaks, club kit samples, vocal chops and the classic 5 beat kick pattern. 

Where is a place that your music has been featured that you are proud of?
 My music has come a long way from the ideas I lay out in my home studio. I think it's a tie between Girls off the Chain being used in Chloe Bailey's breakout single  "Have Mercy'' and Performing my song " Werk ya Bawdy" for NYFW 2017 with the all inclusive swimwear brand Chromat. Both were proud moments. Girls off the chain was the first song to get sampled and properly credited.
Jersey Club has been appropriated numerous times so to finally get recognition on how we influence and inspire other artists and producers felt amazing. As far as hitting the runway it was my first time performing at a NYFW, I also got to bring  dancers along. It was one of the first major things I spoke into existence and it aligned with me and my mission to promote that sexy has no size. 
You're passionate about giving back to your community and uplifting the next generation of producers. Can you tell us about BeUNIIQU3?
I am very passionate about giving the new generation opportunities that I had or didn't have during my journey to success. BeUNIIQU3  is a interactive seminar that aims to teach Black, POC and LGBTQAI community how to DJ, produce and market yourself as a creative. I think it's important not only you have the skills but to pay the bills, so I share life lessons and tips on how to succeed in the music industry.
I've been able to have guest speakers like Kitty Kash and Tygapaw in the past and hold space for communities all over the world. I've collaborated with numerous collectives like Red Bull, Splice and more to provide resources for all my students. I hope to grow this into an online course, a real curriculum that can be taught in schools, especially in New Jersey. 

See Uniiqu3 live from 11:30pm - 1:00am at Slay Bay on Friday, July 8. 

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