Bass Coast Art Grants: An Invitation To Create

Sky huts, sonic living rooms and mysterious phone booths. Optical illusions, sandscapes and towers of mortality. Over the past 8 years Bass Coast has supported a kaleidoscope of international artists with over $160,000 in funding through its signature Art Grant program. 

For the grant recipients however, the impact of this initiative goes far beyond financial support for materials and time. 

Installation: Key to My Heart  Photo: Waxplot 

Public space choked with red tape and cities starved for gallery space make the opportunity to exhibit at Bass Coast unique. Artists can be hard pressed to find space to flex new ideas, tease out imaginative concepts and perhaps most importantly, contribute to an interactive conversation. 

Installation: Shedding Photo: Concert Socks 

The curatorial process of the Art Grant program focuses on both the attendee and artist experience. Installations are selected that create a cohesive experience for participants to explore and beneath the surface, career altering connections are taking place. 

Installation: Bass Coast Art Collective Photo: Concert Socks

“The Bass Coast Art Grant show offers the rare opportunity to exhibit original art in a public space and to retain ownership of the piece post exhibit." explains Co-founder and Art Director Liz Thomson. "
Being part of our show which attracts media attention globally creates non quantifiable value for novice and professional artists. The joy of watching people interact with your installation, the learning that happens from honest feedback, the growth of your technical knowledge and building relationships with peers motivate recipients to apply year after year. Anyone can apply, the first step is reading over the application."

Installation: Seek / Find  Photo: Concert Socks 

Round 1 of Art Grant applications are now open. 

Learn & Apply. 

Installation: The Lumid Lounge  Photo: Caspian Kai Installation: The Vortex & The Grid  Photo: Ron Worobec

Installation: Ghost Stories Photo: Concert Socks

Learn & Apply. 

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