Beyond The Music

Those who have been to Bass Coast know that it is much more than just a music festival. Bass Coast offers a host of ways to satisfy your mind, body, and appetite. Here is a quick look at a few of 2018’s offerings.

The Brain is Bass Coast’s dedicated learning space. Located next to Main Stage, it hosts workshops throughout the weekend on topics from astronomy to Ayurvedic cooking. Panel discussions like Event Consent Culture In A #MeToo World will dive into some of the pressing conversations that are taking place in the festival community. Workshops like Harm Reduction 101 and Self Care for Mental Health - Festival Edition are designed to give attendees helpful tools to ensure a successful festival weekend. The Brain is a great place to come clear your head during the weekend and pick up skills that will help ensure your time at Bass Coast is successful. Learn more about The Brain here:

Bass Coast attendees will also have access to a full program of movement workshops. These classes facilitated by professional instructors will help you unwind, relax your body, and keep yourself going throughout the weekend. Whether you are a yoga veteran or are looking to try for the first time there will be a number of options available to you. Other classes will teach healing massage, hoola-hooping, and exercises to maximize your booty. All available workshops are listed here:

Another highlight of the Bass Coast experience is the Babe Spa. Here you can receive healing massage from licensed practitioners that understand the toll that 3 days of dancing can take on a body. Hair styling and body painting services are also available at the Babe Spa. The professionals at the Babe Spa can help you realize your festival-look dreams. There will also be shower access to all festival attendees at Campsite B. Book your Babe Spa appointments here:  

Refueling your body is an essential part of any festival experience. There will be 16 different food vendors serving the Bass Coast community this year. Options range from American style barbecue to Vegan Venezuelan food. This diverse lineup of food trucks will accommodate a wide array of food preferences and dietary needs. Check out the full list of vendors here:

Bass Coast 2018 will also feature offerings from a number of artisan vendors. Attendees will be able to purchase handmade clothing, jewelry, art, blown glass, and more. These artisans have been thoughtfully curated to fit with the ethos of Bass Coast. Longtime friend of the festival Evan Biddell will be premiering the exclusive collection Bass Coast by Biddell at the General Store. For a full list of Artisan Vendors visit:

Bass Coast offers a wide array of services and experiences to its attendees. Make sure to take advantage of everything offered and get the most out of your weekend.

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