Insider hints when applying to Bass Coast.

Here are some hints from The Bass Coast team you should consider when filling in your applications. 

  1. Answer all questions. Please give us the information we ask for. 
  2. Spelling, grammar and punctuation matter. We're detail-oriented. Please proofread your application and even get a friend to look at it. 
  3. Only website applications are considered. Please respect our staff and do not contact us on social media or by email.
  4. Let your work speak for itself. Applications including art grants are reviewed with all names removed. Show us your best work in the application.
  5. Volunteer for us in the past? Great! But that does not mean your application will be considered above others.
  6. Use quality imagery. Our communication channels are an outlet for our graphic creativity.  Please take a look at our albums and artwork and make sure the imagery you submit is high resolution.
  7. Aim for world-class. We're looking for collaborators who share in our attention to detail and artistic vision.
  8. Only successful applicants receive compensation. We're close to selling out and we recommend buying your festival tickets now. If your application is accepted you may sell them and transfer the name through our ticket exchange program.
  9. Read the small print. Please read the “Info Package” which includes safety and date specific requirements.


    Learn more about applications here.


    Good Luck. 




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