Behind The Theme.

It all began with nature’s original rebel. 

Since the Year of the Zebra in 2013, the process to define Bass Coast’s theme has evolved alongside the event. Ideas seeded throughout the year begin to take root: inside jokes, cultural reflections and performative invitations are considered, laughed with and explored. 



Locked away in a top secret mountain location, the Bass Coast team carves down the infinite into the concrete through 4 stages of creative process. 

1) No Bad ideas. 
Ceilings are nothing. Late night jokes collide with what-if worlds. The furthest reaches of the imagination are starting points. Build a creative canopy to climb down from. Expansion is primary, limitation secondary. The whiteboard welcomes everyone.  

Tentacular, 2015

2) Illumination

The phrase that begs a pause. A visual that deserves a second look.  The team digs in to pare back, pull away and refine bursts of creative inspiration into core identities. Shoot all the holes in all the boats. Espresso helps.

Prism, 2018

3) The fine line.

Beyond the 2019 theme of Duality, so much the nuance of Bass Coast hangs on the balance of opposites, the left and right brain. The theme is picked up and tossed around, molded and reshaped, placed on a table in the sun to rest and grow. If a theme falls off a tightrope, which side would it fall to?

Gold, 2018

4) Give it legs. 

Drifting back down from the cerebral and into the boots and bodies of every person on the dancefloor, how will the theme come to life? Can the concept be easily adopted and still invite lavish display? One existential question remains ever present: What will we wear? 

Space, 2017

The 2020 Bass Coast theme announcement is on the horizon. Speculation is encouraged.

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