Public Statement

Bass Coast does not condone sexual harassment or assault by anyone, including artists. Over the past six years, Bass Coast has developed extensive internal policies and a forward facing harm reduction program to educate and support our community. We are committed to taking further action to create lasting change within the industry. We acknowledge this is a small piece in the fight towards breaking down the systems of privilege in the music industry.

Bass Coast is committed to:

Transparency:  Over the past six years, Bass Coast has developed a successful harm reduction program which includes: 

  • A strengthened capacity to prevent and respond to the spectrum of sexual violence.  
  • An internal education program for our team. 

This program is focused on consent education, bystander intervention training, cultural safety in the workplace, and a code of conduct. The internal code of conduct details expectations and the response plan for when an allegation is made towards an artist, contractor, supplier, staff, volunteer or attendee. 

We will be updating the Bass Coast website with a section that brings our internal practices and policies into the public eye. 

Communication: Support is always available onsite – 24 hours a day. There is a dedicated "Survivor Support" person on each shift to help patrons navigate triggers or deal with a safety issue at the festival. 

Additionally, we have set-up a direct communication line to facilitate safe and private conversations with Bass Coast leadership if allegations arise post festival. This email is also available for suggestions and comments on how to improve. We realize there is always work to be done in this area.  consent(at)basscoast(dot)ca. 

Community Conversations: Bass Coast is a member of a number of music industry committees. 

We will engage with these and other organizations within the industry to discuss better practices, opening communication lines between groups, and supporting victims. 

We know these discussions can bring up many emotions. Please find resources related to sexual assault and mental health on our website.

Bass Coast is committed to ensuring all attendees, artists, staff, volunteers and everyone at the festival can participate in a safe environment. Bass Coast has a zero tolerance policy for assault.

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