The PRISM Story

Each year the Bass Coast team is tasked with the challenging process of defining the next year’s festival theme. PRISM presented itself in 2018 after a long night of colliding ideas. The team noticed a connection between the leading concept and team member Paul Brook’s tattoo.  That moment secured PRISM as the theme for 2018 and it sparked the manifesto which speaks to the spectrum of individuals that make up the Bass Coast community.


Photo: Northlore Creative, 2018

The Main Stage design team, lead by Andor Tari, sought to combine the PRISM theme with technology and art. Innovative in public works at the time, 3M Film added brilliance to the spectrum of stage light passing through the spinning Prism.


Photo: Max Foley, 2018

'What emerges in technology impacts what emerges in art."
- Liz Thomson, Cofounder & Art Director  


Photo: Max Foley, 2018

Since its initial Main Stage installation, the Prism has made its way to numerous environments including the Commodore Ballroom and Texada Island. It has become an emblem of community bringing together the heart and mind of Bass Coast. 

We look forward to the day the prism refracts upon all of us again.


 Photos: Banana Cam Photo, 2018



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