The 12 Days of Bass Coast

Bass Coast Festival is on a mission to help send indigenous youth to Gathering our Voices, a nationally attended two day conference that provides opportunities to learn new skills, build relationships and engage with culture.  

The annual 12 Days of Bass Coast campaign offers one track per day from alumni artists for download by donation, from December 14 to December 25 with downloads available until January 31. Bass Coast is matching all donations and 100% of funds will be donated to the Conayt Friendship Society in Merritt, BC on the territories of the Nłeʔkepmx and Syilx.

Bass Coast is aiming to raise $2500 through the 12 Days of Bass Coast, enough to cover all travel and accommodation expenses for five youth and one chaperone to attend the conference.

Artists providing tracks include Drifting Dubs, Abstrakt Sonance, Danny Corn, Braue, Taal Mala,  Jake Robertz, Garneu, Homesick, Woodhead Overland and Greazus.  

  What Not To Do (Feat Rou) I Drifting Dubs | DOWNLOAD

 Abstrakt Sonance | Ready For Winter | DOWNLOAD 

 Danny Corn & Chrome Wolves | Jeep Cherokee | DOWNLOAD

 Taal Mala | On The Moon | DOWNLOAD 

  Jake Robertz | Probability | DOWNLOAD 

 Homesick | Steam Track | DOWNLOAD

  Woodhead & S2 | Never End  | DOWNLOAD

 Overland | Silk | DOWNLOAD 

 Westerly | Check Point | DOWNLOAD 

 Greazus | XoTiC (VIP) | DOWNLOAD 


                                Download the full album here. 

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