Bass Coast Accessibility 


Washrooms: 6 accessible bathroom(s) are located on site. Map can be found HERE. Bathrooms are all genders.

Showers: There is 1 wheelchair accessible shower at the Camp B Store.


Terrain: The festival grounds are flat grassy fields, gravel roads, and dirt pathways. All the stages, workshop areas, bars, and first aid are accessible by wheelchair, however it is bumpy in places. There are new gravel roads in the forest as part of the flood remediation.

Seating: There is limited seating located throughout the downtown festival site, at stages, and at various art installations. 

Stages: All stages are accessible for mobility devices.

There are accessible stage viewing platforms available at Main Stage and Slay Bay Stage. 

The Brain is seated. Attendees with accessibility needs can be accommodated at the front

Bars: All bars are accessible for mobility devices except for The Sky Bar which is only accessible by 2 stories of stairs.

Camp B Store: Is located across the river from the festival grounds and accessible camping. There is a bridge to cross the river. The grade will be determined upon building the bridge in June. The grade of the bridge varies from year to year depending on the land and river height. 

Viewing Platforms:

Elevated viewing platforms for attendees with mobility needs and their 1 companion who may need to see above the crowd will be made available at designated stages. 


  • Companions may be asked to stand in the back of the viewing area if capacity is reached.
  • Viewing Areas are non-smoking
  • Do not block the view of the guests behind you
  • The viewing area is first come, first served.

The Brain is seated. Attendees with accessibility needs can be accommodated at the front.

There are accessible stage viewing platforms available at Main Stage, Cabin Stage and Slay Bay Stage. The Cantina Stage is accessible from the back entrance of the stage.

The Brain Stage is accessible. There are packed gravel on the viewing area in The Brain.

We encourage all guests with mobility disabilities to utilize personal forms of transportation, including wheelchairs and scooters. If you need to recharge your motorized wheelchair, you may do so at the Accessibility Camping area. Patrons should bring all cords and accessories needed to charge their devices. Chargers must use a 110-volt, 20 amp circuit. Please register via the Accessibility form if you require power.


ENTRANCE: Please check in at the A Gate where you will receive an Accessible Parking Pass and directions to the Accessible Camping Area.

ACCESSIBLE CAMPING: Accessible camping is located near the Cantina stage in the main festival field. 

Accessibility Camping area is available to those with the following eligibility:

  • Cannot walk without a brace, cane, crutch, lower limb prosthetic device or similar assistive device. 
  • Requires the assistance of a wheelchair or the assistance of another individual. 
  • Suffers from lung disease to such an extent that his or her forced expiratory volume in one second is less than one litre. 
  • Holds a Disabled Person Parking placard, permit or license plate. 

The accessible camping area has power for battery charging and a wheelchair-accessible porta-potty.

If you are eligible, please fill out this Accessibility form and provide details by June 30.


All service animals must meet the criteria listed below and register in advance by emailing and filling out the Accessibility form.

Guide and service dogs (certified by the BC Registrar's office) are welcome on site and must be registered in advance. They should have legally required up to date vaccinations (documentation may be requested).   

Companion, emotional support, or therapy animals are not permitted. 

Only certified guide and service dogs that are under proper care of their owners will be granted accreditation. The service animal must remain leashed or harnessed by their handler's side at all times. If a harness or leash impede the service animal’s work, the owner must be able to control the service animal through other methods.

It is recommended appropriate animal protective gear (ear, foot, and/or eye protection) is worn during the event, as long as it does not impede the guide or service dog's work. High decibel levels near or at stages may cause permanent hearing damage to the animal.

Please be mindful of animal waste and dispose of it in refuse areas. 

Individuals with a guide or service dog are responsible for and liable for any injury or damage caused by the animal.


Each stage will have loud bass forward music. During the nighttime sets there will be moderate - heavy use of strobe lighting, lasers and flashing lights.

The Slowtempo Stage will feature mellow lighting and there will be no use of strobe lights.

The Brain Workshop stage will have moderate volume levels. 


All Bass Coast Bars, ICE, Showers, & The General Store are now CASHLESS. Accepted payment methods include Interac Debit Cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Independent food and artisan vendors will continue to accept cash or card.

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