The Art of Staying In: Social Distancing and Your Creativity

To keep the extended community safe, many are choosing to lay low and stay in while we move through these unique times together. 

Every challenge bears specific opportunities, and this particular period can open time for creative practices that many of us hunger for in normal, busier times. 

If you’re practicing Social Distancing, here are 6 tips to ignite creativity and emerge on the other side with  refreshed skills and sharpened abilities. 

1) Take a break from social media. Constant scrolling can stifle creativity  at the best of times. The information will be there when you come back. Set limits, respect the mind.

2) Take some time to organize your space. Sometimes the best solution in overwhelming situations is to create peace and beauty in our surroundings.


Photo by Fraser Ploss 

3) Make art for no reason. Change mediums, begin new projects and take  creative risks. These particular conditions may never present themselves again. Savour the challenge and break your own molds.


 Photo by Concert Socks

4) Learn a new skill or hone your craft: 

  • provides a vast collection of courses on topics such as creating augmented reality, animation, graphic design, creative writing, web design and more. 

  • hosts industry standard coding courses that train users on building chatbots with Python and video game creation with Phaser to machine learning and app building for any level of experience.

  • Kandeze offers a unique range of topics from top universities and institutions including digital music production, data visualization, financial planning for creatives and object design to name just a few.

  • is one of the largest and most comprehensive art education sites in the world. Break out the sketchbook and draw IRL alongside impeccable instructors and a like minded community.

  • is founded by Harvard and MIT and provides online courses in a variety of disciplines from the top universities in the world.


Photo by Lung Liu  

5) Take advantage of fresh air, movement and music. Pop on the Bass Coast 2020 playlists on either Soundcloud or Spotify and move your body in your living room or in nature. Dancing is good for you and remains very un-cancelled. 


Photo by Fraser Ploss 

6) Stay connected. Share your works in progress in the Bass Coast Project, have video chat creative sessions with your friends and call people to check in. Hearing the voices of those we love can help reduce stress.*

We’re all in this together. 

*Social Vocalizations can release Oxytocin in humans 

Read the World Health Organizations recommendations on mental health during this time. 



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