Lamping: Illuminating Bass Coast

Bass Coast has two lighting departments: Site Lighting and Lamping. Site lighting looks after most practical aspects, while Lamping marries form and function to create glowing environments and pathways of light.   

'Lamping' is derived from ‘Cold Lamping’; the art of tapping into public electricity to power underground parties and renegade sound systems. While it’s namesake may be risky and dangerous, the Lamping department leverages a close team of 14 highly skilled electricians and technicians to bring over 100 vintage lamps to life and create a sparkling ambience throughout the festival grounds. 

Lamping is lead by Kriya Preisler, who got her start with Bass Coast as so many of the management team do, by volunteering. Her spark for all things illuminated was noticed by the rest of the team and she moved into purchasing and into management of the department in 2017.  

From the iconic 14ft moon to a grandiose chandelier on Main Stage the Lamping department has grown into a storybook collection of a vintage lighting that adds functional ambience to stores, outposts, bars, Harm Reduction and First aid, pathway and bridge lighting and more. 

This Bass Coast project has turned into a full time career for Calgary based Preisler, whose vintage lamp rental business Coven Creative  just won Best New Exhibitor at the The Wedding Fair in Calgary. 

Bass Coast’s 2020 theme of Future Deco invites much speculation on how the Lamping department will grow it’s inventory even more to take advantage of this era-splicing opportunity. 

The Lamping department accepts a small number of volunteers each year. 

Apply now to join the team.


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