Education Series

Leave No Trace

Bass Coast is a Leave No Trace event. Familiarize yourself with the environmental infrastructure on site. Help us successfully implement sustainable waste and resource management practices at Bass Coast. PACK IT IN...PACK IT OUT.


Bass Coast is held on is located on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Nlaka’pamux and Syilx people. This land is shared by local wildlife, farm animals and fish. Bass Coast commits to keep the area clean and safe for all mammals and aquatic life after the festival has left the land each year. Before you leave, help us by cleaning up the tiniest sparkle of MOOP (Matter Out of Place) from the festival grounds.

Keep your camp waste organized. Bring a black bag for garbage and clear ones for recycling and returnables. Bring a bin for your compost. Grab more bags from the Eco Hub if you run out.

Locate the bin stations placed throughout the site. Know the location of the Recycling  Depot for your specific campground (marked with ♻ symbols on the map).

Bring your sorted camp materials (returnables, recycling, compost, and garbage) to a Recycling Depot between 3-6pm on Sunday of Bass Coast 2024 and enter the draw to win a 2025 Bass Coast ticket! For more opportunities to enter the draw, come chat to our Green Team at the Eco Hub between 9am-9pm  Scroll down to see which materials go into the different collection streams.

What Is Moop?


MOOP means MATTER OUT OF PLACE. It refers to anything that is not originally of the land on which our event takes place. MOOP your campsite and the surrounding area.

How to Moop

With the Bass Coast Girls


All food waste, including meat, seafood, dairy, and bones, and all vegetable and fruit scraps

All compostable serviceware from vendors and bars

Soiled and unlined cardboard

Untreated wood

  • Please rinse your recycling
  • Hard plastic, #1-7 (excluding beverage containers which go to returnables)
  • Plastic caps, tops, lids and pumps
  • Tin cans
  • Aerosol cans (empty)
  • All other metals, excluding aluminum cans (these go into returnables)
  • Foil wrap and take out containers
  • Dry, flattened cardboard
  • Dry, unsoiled paper
  • Anything that can’t be cleaned goes into landfill!

SPECIALIST RECYCLING: The items below can be brought to the Eco Hub for recycling:

  • Extinguished cigarette butts can be disposed of in The Butt Ballot at the Eco Hub, or into the coffee cans around the festival grounds. Please don't put anything else in these receptacles as it contaminates the recyclables.
  • Used batteries
  • Used vapes
  • Electronic waste
  • Empty propane tanks
  • Untreated wood
  • Scrap metal


Please rinse your returnables

Aluminum cans

Plastic drink bottles

Tetra Pak containers

All beverage containers with a deposit value


Chip bags & candy wrappers


Soiled recyclables that cannot be cleaned

Where Does Our Recycling Go?

Curious about where our recycling goes after we finish sorting it? We work with several service providers to make sure we recycle as much material as possible.

  • Returnables (beverage containers) go to the Merritt Return-It Depot.
  • Most recyclable material that isn’t a returnable goes to the Lower Nicola Eco-Depot, except for cardboard, which goes to Emterra in Kamloops.
  • Compost is transported to the Stswékstem facility in Kamloops.
  • Cigarette butts go to BrainGarden. The ash, tobacco, and paper are composted and the filter is recycled into plastic pellets used for industrial materials, which raises money for BrainGarden’s Bucks for Buttsinitiative.

The Bass Coast Eco Hub

The HQ of all things sustainability at Bass Coast.

Open 9am-9pm

Bring your sorted camp materials and specialist recycling to the Eco Hub.

Come wash your reusable container or cutlery at our sink after using it to eat at the food vendors.

Ask us your sustainability questions. We would love to connect with all Bass Coast community members that care about the environment and the unique role our community contributes to sustainable practices on our planet.

Cigarette filters are the worst form of MOOP

Pocket Ashtrays

Bass Coast is dedicated to LEAVE NO TRACE. We have teamed up with our friends at Brain Garden to provide an effective harm reduction tool called The Pocket Ashtray. A reusable, flexible, air-tight pouch made of recycled materials that suffocates smokables and traps odour inside. Outreach staff will be distributing pocket ashtrays or available for purchase at the Bass Coast General Store.

Butts are the most littered item in the world, an estimated 4.95 trillion are littered annually worldwide - that's 1.69 billion lbs!

Carelessly discarded cigarette butts are the cause of countless unnecessary wildfires, and the main cause of deadly structure fires.

Wildlife can mistake butts for food. It poisons them, plugs up their bellies, and causes death for animals such as fish, birds and frogs.

One cigarette butt can contaminate approximately 40 litres of water. Contaminated water is lethal to aquatic life.

Butt Ballot

Find the “Butt Ballot” at the Eco Hub to empty your Pocket Ashtrays. The cigarette waste will be recycled. This process generates money towards the Bucks for Butts campaign by Brain Garden and The Kootenay Planeteers Recycling Society.

Please use a Pocket Ashtray while onsite at Bass Coast, as well as to and from home, as carelessly discarded cigarette butts are the cause of countless unnecessary wildfires.