Education Series


Feet injuries are the #1 reason for visits to first aid.
Learn how to keep safe.

Protect Your Feet

You’re going to do a lot of walking and dancing over the course of the weekend.

Be prepared.

Bring comfortable, well ventelated shoes that offer good support

Flip-flops are good for lounging riverside but can become a hazard at night

It will be hot. But always be prepared for rain. Keep this in mind as you pack.

Pack a foot first aid kit: Band-aids, moleskins, and tensor bandages.

Give Your Feet A Break

Every Day

Elevate them in a hammock, rinse them in the river, stretch them out in yoga, or “sit dance” on the edge of the dance floor.


Can be very calming

But we strongly recommend you don’t go barefoot the entire weekend. The festival grounds range from:

Slippery Rocks


Dark Forest



Enthusiastic Dancers

PLease do your part

Help yourself and our highly skilled volunteer medical team by protecting and nurturing your feet.