Education Series


Staying cool and hydrated is essential. Here are some tips on how to keep your body in top shape while respecting the natural water on site.

Free Water

Potable water is available to everyone FOR FREE. Please familiarize yourself with the multiple fill stations located throughout the site.

Please refrain from bringing bottled water. Instead bring a reusable container.

Avoid unmarked water bottles and drinks from strangers.

Label your drink container if it contains anything other than water.

Avoid the river if intoxicated and encourage others to do the same.

The Coldwater River Is A

Salmon Habitat

Please play within the natural flow of the river and refrain from building dams, walls, or pools. Do not use soap of any kind in the river.

Avoid heat exhaustion. Take a swim or use a spray bottle to keep you and friends cool.

Good rule of thumb: sit and sip (not pound) 500ml of water every hour.

Stop to go pee when you are refilling your water bottle.

Save river play for the day. Nighttime and water just don’t mix.

Water Is Life

"For the fish and the creatures that live within it, for the land it nourishes, and for the people whose thirst it quenches. It is a precious resource, and our rivers are constantly threatened by temperature and human intervention. Please do your utmost to act with respect and responsibility toward our water."

-Ruth Tolerton from the Lower Nicola Indian Band