Sexual Violence- 11 Confidentiality (HIDDEN BUT IN USE. DO NOT DELETE)

Confidentiality is an important principle in creating an environment where survivors feel safe to disclose, report, and seek support.  

The information and records created and received in relation to the Sexual Violence Prevention Policy are subject to the access to information and protection of privacy provisions of the BC  Personal information Protection Act (PIPA) 

Bass Coast representatives who receive a Disclosure or Complaint, or who are involved in addressing or investigating an incident must:  

  • Make every reasonable effort to protect Confidential Information and maintain confidentiality; 
  • Seek the consent of survivors before disclosing any Confidential Information to any third party. The only exceptions to this rule are related to: 
    • Minors in need of protection (BC Child, Family and Community Service Act)
    • Survivors, family members or community members who may be at risk of or vulnerable to severe injury or mortality. 
    • Perpetrators who may be at risk of committing severe injury or mortality. 
    • As requested by law including release required in court proceedings, arbitration or other legal proceedings.
    • As required for WorkSafe investigation.
  • Collect the minimum information about individuals that relates directly to and is necessary to respond to a complaint, which is considered to be supplied in confidence;    
  • Use information provided only for the purposes of, or those consistent with, addressing the situation, investigating or taking disciplinary action;
  • Relevant details of incidents (names in identifying factors removed) may be reviewed and used to make safety improvements at future events.
  • REES Privacy details